About KLCC Aquaria

Aquaria is the oceanarium found below the Kuala Lumpur City Centre. It houses over 5,000 land and sea creatures from all over the earth moving around in a world-class aquarium at sits within the 60,000 sq. ft. area of the city centre.

KLCC is home to many of Malaysia’s landmarks. Tourists can find business, commercial, and entertainment establishments inside. Among them, Aquaria is considered one of the most popular among visitors. Find out more from our tips.

People come in droves to see wonderful creatures of the sea that many don’t get to see in the wild or are not naturally present in their country. This provides the experience that gets hundreds or even thousands of tourists to visit each day.


Tourists who go to Aquaria can have a variety of reasons why they visited the place. One of the most common is to educate themselves. Since there are thousands of species found inside this huge aquarium, people come to the place to learn more about them.

Touring around the place will facilitate education among children. There are videos, description cards, and knowledgeable tour guides that would accompany a group around the site to learn more about the creatures living inside the aquarium.

School field trips are regularly scheduled to Aquaria for students to take the tour. Elementary schoolchildren and high school students from various schools walk around with their teacher to learn more about topics from marine education to biodiversity.

These are all presented in an interactive format through actual lessons from Aquaria staff. There are also videos and presentations shown on monitors surrounding the place where visitors can watch and learn.
There are also interactions with actual species inside the oceanarium to facilitate self-learning through actual experience.


Since Aquaria is located at KLCC, it has also become a regular place for events to be held. There are major events held by the management and staff where hundreds of people attend. They are promoters of World Earth Day and adventure events are regularly held here to pique the interest of their guests.KLCC Aquaria

Aside from that, clients can also avail of event packages that can be held inside the oceanarium. There are packages for corporate events, social functions, product launching, press conference, and company events such as family day and team building.

These events are usually housed inside the Grouper hall and the Aquatheatre with the former allowing a maximum of 50 people and the latter accommodating up to 200 people. The place rental is inclusive of assistance from KLCC staff, facilities and equipment inside the venue, and complimentary guided tools. Clients can also choose to add food or access to popular activities inside Aquaria for additional fees.

Conservation Efforts

Aquaria is also not just a tourist attraction. There are major conservation efforts being done here as well. Blue Ocean, Green Action is one of their major awareness campaign initiated by Aquaria to educate young people about the importance of the ocean and its inhabitants. These are also used to fund the conservation efforts done inside and outside the aquarium.

Save our Fins and Save our Turtles are also Aquaria-led conservation campaigns. These focus on saving sharks and turtles to protect marine ecology. There are a ton of people who help out in all of Aquaria’s endeavors which they continue to do year after year.

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