Historical Buildings, Merdeka Square

Malaysia is a proud country. They have several world-renowned heritage sites that showcase their history and culture. This can be seen from the architecture of many buildings and structures across different parts of the country.

One such display is seen in Merdeka Square which is located at the center of Kuala Lumpur. The area is full of historical buildings that played a significant role in Malaysia’s history. Today, these buildings house government offices.

The common architectural theme of the buildings in Merdeka square comes from the time when the country was a British colony. Tourists should notice a similarity in the designs of old British buildings in Europe because many of them were designed by foreign architects and engineers of that time.

During British rule, the place had been a place for the government of the colonizers. When Malaysia, gained independence it was also in this exact same spot that the Malaysia flag was raised for the first time to signal their independence from Great Britain.

The flag was raised on a 95-meter pole which is about as tall as a 30-storey building. Today, it still has the Malaysian flag blowing in the wind but now it has become a tourist attraction because this symbol of national pride sits on Dataran Merdeka that most popular section of Merdeka Square.

Merdeka Square

People flock in Dataran Merdeka, also known as Independence square, to take pictures of the beautiful scenery and architecture. The grass on the ground of Merdeka Square is mowed to perfection to keep it looking amazing all year round.

Before, the grounds were also used as the Selangor Club cricket pitch. Games were played in the padang (field) for years until such time the Malaysian Government halted it to make way for events organized by the city.

Aside from being a space for tourists, many events are also held in Merdeka Square. Most notably is the Merdeka Parade which is an annual celebration of Malaysia’s independence from British rule. Thousands of people flock to the area showing national pride.

Concerts, festivals and other big events are now also being held at the square because of it’s spacious land area. It is a great site for outdoor events because it is easily accessible and can host thousands of people on their grounds. If need a car to travelling around, contact us here.


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