Black Sand Beach Langkawi

Malaysia is definitely just more than an urban jungle. Off the mainland of Malaysia lies the naturally rich and charming Jewel of Kedah or popularly known as the Langkawi Island, where some of the country’s best beaches are located. One of the most frequently visited is the Black Sand Beach of Langkawi, which is a getaway haven for both locals and tourists, alike. One of the reasons is probably its convenient location from the district center. Let big thumb share more here.

This is one of the rare beaches in Asia that you can access through a shopping mall. In fact, before you reach the beach, you will still be tempted by various local products, like souvenir items, accessories, and dresses. Within the mall, is a stair that leads to the Black Sand Beach.

As to why the beach is called the “Black Sand” has become one of the reasons why it is a popular destination, in a controversial way. For years, scientists have actually been trying to determine what exactly caused the sand to be black, and has not arrived at any conclusive explanation, yet. This however should not reduce your experience in the beach, taking it for what it is. While Black Sand Beach Langkawi may not have the most pristine waters that Langkawi Island may offer, it does not fall short with facilities that make the short visit worthwhile. The beach offers ample playground and refreshment areas for families to enjoy. Since the beach is not that attractive for swimming, visitors can enjoy boating and fishing activities around the area. Prior to becoming the popular beach park that it is now, the Black Sand beach was actually the location for a thriving fishing community. The lush forests also offer a calming view for visitors.

Langkawi Black Sand Beach

The Black Sand Beach entrance is open to the public, and people may even visit it at any time of the day. However, the shops close usually after sunset, so if you plan to visit after this time, it’s best to bring your own food to the beach. The beach is part of Langkawi’s Shark Bay, which is also another popular public beach destination in Langkawi.

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