Crocodile Adventureland, Langkawi

Crocodile Adventureland is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Langkawi. Located along the Teluk Datai Bay which is 32 miles away from Kuah, the place showcases endangered species of crocodile as well as other animals in the park.

The park stands on a 20-hectare property to be able to house the animals and facilities for the preservation work that they do inside. They are registered with the Convention on International Trade and Endangered Species which makes them an advocate in the preservation of nature particularly crocodiles.

To the locals, Crocodile Adventureland is known as Taman Buaya Langkawi which suggests from the name that there are crocodiles residing here. It is a unique attraction because it features the crocodile species and out of all the attractions in Langkawi they’re the only one to do that.

The place is popular among kids especially because they get to interact with actual animals which fuels the curiosity amongst many children. These animals date back to the prehistoric times which means there are a ton of data and information about these animals which children can learn.

Crocodile Adventure Land

Since the place is an advocate for the endangered species of crocodiles, it helps children develop more of an appreciation for nature. They learn about the different species of crocodiles, what they do for the ecosystem, and their rightful place in nature.

Kids and adults can see crocodiles in the flesh complete with movement and how they interact with each other which brings out the kid in all of us. There are exciting feeding sessions where trainers get to feed their crocodiles with meat constantly getting oohs and aahs from the crowd.

Thousands of crocodiles live in Crocodile Adventureland composed of around 6 species namely the No Tail, Night Shadow, Sandy, Tomistoma, Guinea, and Dark Porosus. There are also exhibits for the baby 2-year old crocodiles and 8-year old crocodiles.

Visitors will receive a map once they enter. They can use it to get themselves to the many exhibits around the park. It will also contain info and directions for the food and beverage center, souvenir shops, and restrooms.

Gate charge for Crocodile Adventureland is at 18 RM for kids and 25 for adults. The theme park’s exact address is at Taman Buaya Langkawi, Jalan Datai, Mukim Air Hangat, Pulau Langkawi. You can also contact them on their facebook page just search Crocodile Adventuraland Langkawi.

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