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Malaysia has several man-made structures that represent a significant part of their history. A well-known landmark is the Eagle Square in Dataran Lang. The spot is in Langkawi near the wharf, overlooking the Kuah Bay. Here are more finding from our team.

Not all people know this, but, Eagle Square reflects the origin of the name Langkawi. The large sculpture was molded from the reddish-brown eagle that is native to the area. When broken down, the Langkawi name means reddish-brown eagle. The “Lang” was derived from the word Helang which means eagle while the “Kawi” means reddish-brown.

The eagle looks like its about to take flight from the concrete platform where it stands. This is how Langkawi wants to be represented. They have chosen the eagle to be the symbol of their district and has become the backdrop for many pictures taken in town.

Visitors come from all over the world to visit Langkawi. Those that take the ferry will be able to see the magnificent eagle looking over them when they arrive. You’d see many tourists raising their heads to look at the sculpture either in awe or just plain curiosity.

Once people arrive at the wharf in Kuah Bay, people are treated to a magnificent background of the reddish-brown eagle sculpture and they can also enjoy the view of the Kuah Bay. It is the perfect spot for taking pictures of the place. It would be best to it at night not only because you get a much more picturesque view, but you get to avoid the heat of the sun.Eagle Squarw

They can also proceed directly to Eagle Square where they can enjoy all the attractions on the 19-acre public property. There are beautifully landscaped terraces, ponds, and fountains. Walking on several footbridges, you can get to several shops and eateries and you can also dine and rest on their pavilions.

The most popular restaurant in the area is called the Eagle View Seafood Restaurant. Fresh seafood is served here including lobsters, crabs, and prawns. Their Chicken Fried Rice is a favorite order to pair with a variety of dishes.

Eagle Square in Langkawi is open 24 hours a day. They don’t charge admission fees to the place. When you get to Langkawi, proceed to Kuah Jetty to see the magnificent eagle sculpture. You can call the Langkawi Tourist Information Center at +604-966-7789 for directions or to book a ferry ride to Eagle Square.

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