Galeria Perdana

A historical and informative experience awaits you when you visit the Galeria Perdana in Langkawi. In the midst of all  the touristy places and beautiful beaches in Langkawi is a this renowned museum that features various souvenir items and tokens from all over the world, which were given by state or global leaders to former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad or Dr. M. This museum came to be due to the number of artworks and crafts that Dr. M and his wife has collected throughout his service as Prime Minister, the longest term to date in the history of Malaysia.

Galeria Perdana was established in 1995 with a land area of more than five kilometers. It is located at the Kilim Village, and features a culturally-distinct two-storey building where all the collections are housed. The lobby of the museum itself is already mesmerizing, from the grand ceiling to the marbled floors, as well as enormous displays of artwork. If you go further inside the museum, this when you will be seeing more than  2,000 exhibit displays. According to the museum experts, there are actually around 9,000 collection items from Dr. M and his wife, but the management opts to display just 2,000 pieces at a time. This means that when you frequent the museum, there is a chance that you will be seeing different displays from your previous visit.Galeria Perdana

The museum is so huge that it can be overwhelming for a first time visitor to tour. For easier understanding of the whole structure if Galeria Perdan, this interconnected building is actually divided into three sections of blocks. The Block A is dedicated to luxury souvenir items mostly given to the Prime Minister, including crafts made of glass and crystals, wood, and lacquer. You can also find here various Islamic items that are rare finds such as traditional weapons, textile, and porcelain. Some precious gemstones and unique musical instruments are also showcased in Block A.

Block B is primarily from the Prime Minister’s wife’s collections. Equally precious and luxury items can be found here especially arts and crafts made from precious metals like silver and bronze. Finally, Block C is the newest section in the museum which highlights the Prime Minister’s own collection of vehicles, which includes the Formula I-car.

All over the museum are breathtaking sculptures and paintings all gathered through the years of service of Dr. M in Malaysia. He believed that these items rightfully belong to the public, thus the birth of the Galeria Perdana.

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