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A visit to Langkawi won’t be as good until you get to ride the Langkawi Cable Car in Pantai Kok. Cable car rides are always fun because you get a great view of your location. Riding a cable car in Langkawi is an even more unique experience since you hover over the beautiful Langkawi archipelago.

Found in The Oriental Village, tourists arrive at the foothill of the Machinchang Mountain which is the second highest peak in Malaysia. The village has its own oriental garden for a relaxing ambience as you settle down and wait for your cable car. There are also souvenir shops and gift shops nearby to get stuff you need.

From the counter at The Oriental Village, tourists ride the escalator which directly takes you to cable car station. This is the base station. The whole ride will take you to a middle station and the top station which stops near the peak of Mt. MachinChang.

Riding the cable car will be trailing the slope of the mountain which means it is quite a steep ride. Slowly, the cable car will ascend to a height of 708 meters above sea level where you can feel a natural cool breeze the whole time you’re in the cable car.

As you continue to ascend, the view of the Langkawi archipelago will get more majestic. There you will get to see beautiful islands that make up the whole location. It would also allow you to look at the rainforest growing on the side or at the top of the mountain.

Once you get to the middle station, there are viewing platforms you can stand on to soak in the air at 650 meters above sea level. This spot gives you a panoramic view of Langkawi and many of its nearby islands.

Cable Car

Those who want to proceed the top station can do so riding the cable car or through a flight of stairs located in the middle station. The view there gets even more dramatic because you are over 700 meter above sea level. You can also try the Sky Bridge which connects the top station and the peak of Mt. Machinchang. Views from these spots are breathtaking.

Visitors can choose from 4 different gondolas to ride. The Normal Gondola, Bottom Glass Gondola, VIP Gondola, and the Private Gondola. All have different rates ranging from the standard 30 RM for kids to a premium of 550 RM for the private ride.

The ride is open from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm for the entire week including Sundays. There are maintenance schedules which visitors can look up ahead of time to plan their visit accordingly. Enjoy the wonderful ride offered to you by Langkawi Cable Car.

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