Sky Bridge Langkawi

A 125-meter long bridge sits atop the Machinchang Mountain in Langkawi, Malaysia which is popularly known as the Langkawi Sky Bridge. The curved bridge is rises 100 meters above the ground and can carry around 250 people at one time. We recently visited it and it is fun.

It is one of the top destinations in the district because of the unique experience it brings. Since the bridge is so high up, tourists get views of the unspoiled jungle growing on top of the mountain as well as breathtaking natural scenery.

The Machinchang Mountain is the second tallest land mass in Langkawi. There a ton of beautiful views when crossing the bridge. You can see the pristine Telaga Tuguh Waterfall surrounded by a virgin rainforest.

The curve design of the bridge allows for different viewing angles as you cross the bridge from end to end. Photographers and photo enthusiasts love to take pictures on the bridge as it provides stunning perspectives for photos.

As you walk across the bridge, there are two sets of triangular platforms where people can stop to rest or take their photos. These were strategically placed to be the resting points as well as provide beautiful views of the mountain.

A pylon at 85 meters high holds the bridge on one point to balance the bridge’s weight and load. Construction of the bridge was a superb feat and people looking at it from the ground would be easily impressed with how it was built.Sky Bridge

For visitors to get to the Sky Bridge, they need to take the Langkawi Cable Car which has the bridge as the last station of its route. It takes you to around 23,000 feet above sea level and once you disembark you are greeted with several stores that sells food, toys, and souvenirs.

At the end of the bridge, a narrow flight of stairs leads you to the observatory deck which provides a beautiful view of the sky and sea on the highest point of the mountain. A great view of the Tarutao Island of Thailand adds to the already unforgettable experience.

Those who want to visit the Langkawi Sky Bridge can take a tour to Jalan Telaga Tujuh Teluk Burau in Langkawi. Ticket prices for the bridge is 5 RM for adults and 3 RM for children. The affordable rates and stunning views is what makes the Langkawi Sky Bridge a must-see attraction.

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