Underwater World Langkawi

Man-made underwater parks are a hit among tourists because it brings them closer to nature. This accessibility brings a unique experience that attracts a lot of people which is what makes Underwater World in Langkawi so popular. Here are the details from Big Thumb.

The aquaria was first opened to the public in 1995 housing a small group of fish species in small tanks. Today it has grew to a whole water complex that have more than a hundred specialized tanks for different kinds of marine species.

The well-known attraction is found at the southernmost part of Pantai Cenang, a town in Langkawi. It is a big 6-acre aquarium housing over 200 different kinds of fish and other marine life from penguins, seals, sting rays, to sharks.

A unique species that can be found inside Underwater World is the Amazonian arapaima. It is the largest living freshwater fish on earth. The fish has its own medium-sized tank where tourist can view and learn more about it throughout the day.

Visitors can go to five different sections of the park which divides according to the environment where specific animal species live. These are the sub-antarctic, temperate, tropical rainforest, freshwater, and marine life sections.

The sub-antarctic section is the most popular among tourists because of the Rockhopper penguins. This animal species attracts a ton of people because they get to see these penguins in their habitat where they can observe their behavior.

Underwater World

In the temperate section, Blackfooted African penguins and the Southern Fur seals are found here. These are active creatures that move around a lot. Not everybody has a chance to see a herd of seals or a waddle of penguins lying around.

Underwater World’s Tropical Rainforest recreates the environment that the Amazon River giving a great experience. In this section, fish (Pacu, Temoleh, Arowana, etc.) and birds (flamingos, mute swans, etc.) endemic to the area can be seen.

Aside from the Amazonian arapaima, the freshwater section introduces tourists to unique freshwater species like the Bala shark, Garfish, and Matamata. There are many more species found in tropical regions such as Southeast Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Giant stingrays, large groupers, sea horses, giant clams, and lion fish can be seen in tanks inside the marine life section. Various crustaceans, fish, and other invertebrates are displayed across the underwater aquarium where tourists can view through the tunnels cutting across the aquaria.

A 3D theatre provides alternative entertainment for visitors. They can dine in the cafeteria located inside the aquaria. Kids and students can visit the Educational Resource Center to learn more about the animals that reside inside the whole complex.

On weekdays, the park is open from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. During weekends, operating hours extend to 10:30 in the evening. Ticket prices vary for different tours and the rates are also different for adults and children.

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